Mike Krenn is President of SDVG and also the founder of VenturePipeline.com, a service that matches emerging growth tech companies with venture capital sources. He has helped more 50 companies raise funding, in the hundreds of millions of dollars, with leading firms around the country. Over the years, Krenn has also counseled hundreds of technology companies on various aspects of their business plans, including management issues, market development, strategic partnerships and financing strategies.

sdvg san diego venture group startup business investor community program manager cait kelly

Cait Kelly Cait is Program Manager for SDVG.  She’s also the BeachHead Coordinator, SDVG’s SF office.  She’s an Analyst at SEED San Diegoand Program Coordinator for the new accelerator program, Ad Astra Ventures.   

sdvg san diego venture group startup business investor community creative director web designer nicole leandra

Nicole Leandra is the creative and web designer for SDVG.  She’s web designer and creative director for SD’s new Ad Astra Ventures.  She advises the brand and communications for Startup San Diego and SD Startup Week.  She designed the community campaign for The BeachHead, and the brand and website for SDVG’s Tacos & Tech #UltimateLifeHack recruitment campaign.