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We are now Connect w/ San Diego Venture Group

We are one. It’s on.  Effective immediately. Mike Krenn and Dr. Silvia Mah are in as new leaders, with a combined team and board – and we’re anxious to get going, with plans to make an evolutionary and meaningful contribution.

We’re bringing you, our loyal members, with us too! Your ‘Member Only’ benefits will stay the same as we figure out all the details. Please put Summer Social, Venture Summit, and QuickPitch Fest on your calendars as well as MIP! And oh yea, we now have more BeachHead locations for you to utilize Connect w/ SDVG space internationally… Check out the offices here.

Both Connect and SDVG are focused on elevating entrepreneurs.  Now combined, we are aligned in the mission to affect meaningful change.  We plan to be entrepreneurial like the companies we support.   We will be engaged with companies, mentors, regional leadership, and of course – investors.

Our goal is to serve entrepreneurs throughout their growth journey, from early stage through capital raise, through scale, and back through the cycle at exit.   (The exit is not an exit, friends … we’ll find you!)

We also recognize the efforts of so many others in the community.  It’s a big part of what makes the San Diego and So Cal region so great.  We’re collaborative.   And that’s important.  From co-working spaces, to accelerators, to the many mentors and market influencers – our intent is to support and align.  Together, we are all better.

Our region is experiencing exceptional momentum in the areas of startups and innovation, and with success comes new challenges.  We love that.  We are committed to leading the elevation of San Diego as a hub for innovation.

We will continue to grow with our community. With our combined resources, membership benefits including sponsor discounts and educational events will eventually increase. And we’re interested in what you would like to see happen too. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. Our number is still the same (858.558.8750).

Thank you!
The Connect w/ SDVG team

Learn more @

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2019 SDVG Cool Companies Announced!

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San Diego: Why Now?

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2018 SDVG Cool Companies Announced!


SDVG Press Release: San Diego Venture Group Continues to Bring Capital 
to Southern California

San Diego Venture Group, Nicole Leandra

April 20, 2018  —  San Diego Venture Group, a nonprofit association with a mission to support and promote the venture capital and startup company ecosystem in the San Diego region, is in full swing of its annual Cool Companies program.

Each year, SDVG opens applications to the community, gathering hundreds of the most exciting businesses, ready to raise Seed, Series A and Series B funding.  Then with an expert selection committee sourced from the community, SDVG picks the top 30 to 40 companies with greatest potential and revolutionary to their industry — and dubs them ‘cool.’  Startups selected to be Cool Companies are invited to attend private settings with Venture Capitalists.

SDVG’s Cool Companies from 2016 and 2017 have collectively since raised over $100M.  In terms of companies attracting capital, the 30 SDVG Cool Companies of 2017 outperformed the 200 companies in last year’s TechCrunch program in San Francisco.

“SDVG is laser focused on making an impact for regional startups. While Silicon Valley programs can cost companies upwards of $2,000 to display their wares, for example, the Cool Company program costs absolutely nothing for startups” said Mike Krenn, President of SDVG.

“Last year alone, we brought more than 150 VCs to San Diego to meet with selected startup companies.  An outrageously amazing number.” 

SDVG invites Venture Capitalists from all over the country to attend the exclusive VC Roadtrip in the June and Venture Summit in August.  Events are curated on both sides of the experience and meet in the middle for structured startup-investor ‘speed-dating,’ pitching and demos, and one-on-one meetings.  Last year’s Venture Summit hosted Keynote, Bill Maris, founder of Google Ventures and the new SoCal VC Firm, Section 32, and drew more than 800 people for the general sessions.

Past Cool Companies include: EcoATM, Seismic, Tealium, Empyr, TakeLessons, Edico Genome, Cordial, Wrapify, Skysafe, Cloudbeds, eSub, PetDesk, Guru, Doctible, LoanHero, Measurabl, Nanocellect, Zesty, Attack IQ, Lymber, Mindtouch, and Forge Therapeutics.   

San Diego Venture Group is uniquely positioned as 100% neutral in the regional marketplace. The group takes no equity, and takes no fees from either startups or investors, with all the work they do.  With an extremely lean team, and a working volunteer board, the group is making a meaningful impact in the regional economy.

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SDVG 2018 Cool Company Applications are Now OPEN!

Every year the SDVG opens applications and selects 30 to 40 of the coolest, newest, and most innovative companies in the region. Then intro’s them to a bunch of VCs. 

Cool Co’s from 2016 & 2017 raised over $100 Million, thanks to SDVG. 

We encourage you to check out the 2017 Cool CompaniesLearn More, and share the Application with a ‘cool’ startup you know.    #investsd


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SDVG 2017 Year in Review

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2017 SDVG Cool Companies Announced!

, ,

Apply now to PitchFest 2016!

APPLICATION DEADLINE  – Due October 21 at 5:00 p.m.

This is your chance to tell your story and gain valuable exposure – as well as cash and assistance from some of San Diego’s leading professional firms.

Make your pitch and take your chances!  Start-ups in San Diego are encouraged to apply to compete for fun and profit based upon their business plans, innovation, investor appeal and accomplishments.

A group of San Diego’s leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, professionals and investors will pick semi-finalists who will present to a panel of VC judges. The VCs determine which start-ups will make the pitch to our audience for fun and prizes!


On December 13th, the finalists will make their pitch to an audience of more than 400 who will decide the winners!  

Recent PitchFest winners have included Portfolium and Companion Medical You can be next!

To be eligible, you must not have raised more than $2.0M in capital and/or received $3.0M in grant funding. This event is open to companies in all fields. San Diego companies are preferred, we will consider companies from throughout Southern California.

Applications are due by Friday, October 21, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

SDVG and PitchFest are generously sponsored by:



Please note: PitchFest is an event for educational and entertainment purposes only and no company’s presentation should be construed as an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any security.  



2016 Cool Companies

Are you this cool in 2016? These companies are!


2015 Cool Companies

Are you this cool in 2015? These companies are!


2015 Cool Companies

Are you this cool in 2016? These companies are!


Now accepting applications for Cool Companies 2015!

Organovo, Tealium, Pathway Genomics, StackIQ, and many of our emerging stars were SDVG COOL Companies long before the world discovered them.
So too were MOGL, ScoreStream, and Edico Genome.
Apply now for your chance to be a COOL Company.  
No long essays, no forecasts, no interviews!
 Applications due June 3, 2015.

Sponsored by





Companion Medical and Porfolium WIN!


Announcing the winners for PitchFest Dinner 2014……….they are………!






SDVG and VC PitchFest are generously sponsored by:


Please note:  PitchFest is an event for educational and entertainment purposes only and no company’s presentation should be construed as an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any security.  


2014 COOL Companies

cool companies 2014

San Diego Venture Group has chosen San Diego’s “COOLEST”!

From small garage shops to larger companies, these “COOL” companies will show the world what is happening in San Diego!

Are you this cool?  These companies are!

Anametrix Chilldyne Inc CyberFlow Analytics
CloudBeds Edico Genome Electrozyme LLC
Embarke FHOOSH, Inc. Glucovation, Inc.
goDog Fetch Hush Technology Independa, Inc.
nPruv, Inc. NUVIZ, Inc. Pareto Biotechnologies
Paymency Inc. Posiba QuestPoint Decision
Quippi Raken, Inc. Rock My Run
ScoreStream Seismic SensorJacket, Inc.
SOCI, Inc. StrongVolt Synthorx, Inc.
TakeLessons Tealium TissueNetix, Inc

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