451 Degrees

Consumers comment on content from thousands of places such as News sites, Amazon, Yelp, YouTube as well as through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and others. How do you make comments, Big Data, matter and not just focus on simple Sentiment Analysis? Meet Graffiti, a Big Data Software as a Service (SaaS) for all content that is an Article, Product, Image, Video or Music File. Graffiti follows content wherever it resides and travels to via the web or Mobile Apps in Real Time. Graffiti automatically optimizes Big Data related to content in real-time by analyzing user generated comments to enhance; engagement, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), search traffic, and online advertising sales. 451 Degrees is currently holding four US Patents 8,055,688, 8,126,936, 8,543,622 and 8,930,414. More Patents have been filled and are expected to be issued based on relevance to those already approved.