FHOOSH protects and powers valuable information for corporations, institutions and government. We do so with two synergistic solutions: FHOOSH bankLevel+™ cybersecurity safeguards an organization’s critical business and customer data from cyberthreats by storing it in a state that is useless to hackers. FHOOSH does so ~5x faster than storing data unencrypted. FHOOSH technology breaks apart, disassociates, separately encrypts then disperses data. The system also quickly notifies network administrators when unauthorized individuals try to access FHOOSH-protected databases, object stores and file systems. With 15 patents pending, FHOOSH technology has been validated by the foremost cybersecurity response and assessment firm. With powerClick, users can quickly and securely complete even the most sophisticated web and PDF forms with a single click, going far beyond available form fillers. Users can also breeze through eCommerce and mobile checkouts more safely as guests.