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Primo Wind

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The rooftop energy market is expected to be $112B by the end of 2018. Primo Wind offers cutting edge, complimentary solutions in wind, solar and storage. Old fashioned wind technology has been the dominant option available to consumers. Access to this technology has been hampered by zoning restrictions, danger to wildlife, noise and the NIMBY attitude towards their aesthetics. Our patented system solves these problems, costs less than other competitors and produces energy at lower wind speeds.




Qelzal invented a new technology that lets commercial drones safely fly faster and farther without crashing. Qelzal delivers a true autonomous UAV Sense and Avoid system using Image Free Sensing™ combined with brain-inspired artificial intelligence for rapid response and collision avoidance. Our “intelligent eyes” perceive objects, determine if they are a threat, then plan a path to avoid. The onboard AI system performs in diverse light conditions, without adding unnecessary power or weight.


Reach Robotics

To make a lasting impression on people through technology and STEM, their imagination first needs to be captured. We’re using robotics to create the next generation of toys and gaming technology to make them more fun and engaging. Our first product is the MechaMonsters.


Robo 3D

We built our first 3D printer in 2013 and launched it on Kickstarter raising $650,000 in preorders in 30 days. Now our product is in 2400 cities across 96 countries helping people bring their ideas to life.



ScoreStream is a communication platform that allows fans to share information around sporting events with their family and friends. ScoreStream includes an IOS application, Android Application, Scoreboard widgets, and a host of other sport scoring tools on their website.


Secured Universe

We STOP malware (threats disguised as legitimate apps) on the 2 billion devices powered by Android. Unlike everyone else, our BiTSentry technology doesn't detect or predict anything, it isolates and mitigates the risk of malware from the bottom up. The core technology will be extended beyond mobility to secure the Internet of Things (IoT). We are Secured Universe.

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Sensemetrics transforms industrial sensor data into leading risk management and safety solutions for the largest companies in the world. We understand the issues posed by legacy infrastructue in the industrial arena and have built our software platform to intelligently consolidate and connect to disprate information sources so that clients may garner what they seek out of an IoT strategy – true situational awareness.

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Seqster, pronounced “seek-ster,” enables consumers and their families to access, integrate, manage, and own all of their available personal health data in one consolidated digital platform. Seqster is the of health data. We are the first company to aggregate and combine matched longitudinal electronic health records, fitness and genomic data from any source and generate new insights using machine learning. Platform currently connects users to more than 1,000 healthcare providers.



Sightly is a video ad technology company revolutionizing how people view and interact with advertising. We empower advertisers and their agencies to deliver the most relevant messages to the most receptive viewers in hyper-local areas across every screen through YouTube and other online networks. Our award-winning TargetView™ platform combines dynamic ad personalization with advanced audience micro-targeting, programmatic campaign management and data-driven optimization technologies to deliver the industry’s most effective and scalable solution for brand awareness and customer acquisition. Learn more and subscribe to Sightly Insights at

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Siragen Pharmaceuticals

Siragen Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery and development biotechnology company, focused on novel approaches to treat Aging and Neurodegenerative Disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Siragen is developing a group of small lead molecules that tackles Alzheimer’s disease by novel strategy different from current unsuccessful approaches.


Skylit Medical

Skylit Medical is bringing a connected UVB treatment device to 40 million patients with psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema, all lifelong conditions. Skylit uses cutting edge LED technology to deliver what in 1 minute takes Philips 30 minutes to deliver. The company’s connected feedback loop is the only solution in the therapeutic ladder that verifies treatment. Skylit anticipates 510(k) clearance in Q3 2016 and is closing a Series A round for usability test buildout and FDA submission.



SkySafe is focused on the growing public safety and privacy threats caused by consumer drones. We’re the first complete solution for detecting, identifying, tracking, and mitigating malicious drone activity. This last year has seen a rise in drone threats to airports, stadiums, prisons, border protection, and many more critical air spaces. SkySafe is helping those areas secure their airspace.

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Smart Shelf

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The AWM SMART SHELF ® is designed to replicate key benefits of the online experience into physical retail environments. The platform utilizes ruggedized shelf-edge displays combined with high definition optical sensors to automate intelligence into on-the-shelf inventory levels and planogram compliance, play optimal video based on shopper distance (including product pricing and information), provide insight into demographics, and allow for content triggering on detected age, gender, or ethnicity. The technologies work together to enhance operational efficiencies and to provide sales uplift and valuable data.



SOCi is a social media content discovery engine and management platform that is winning over the Nation’s largest digital marketing service providers and multi-location brands. Through its patent pending content discovery engine, SOCi scores the social web to tell you what is working in social. Layered on top of the world’s most robust social media management platform, SOCi is quickly becoming the social media marketing automation platform of choice. Our partners include Gannett Media, Yellow Pages, Berkshire Hathaway and many others. SOCi has contracted more than $1M in ARR in the last 6 months, and has identified a number of new monetization paths. SOCi is seeking capital partners to help them grow existing and new channels.

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Sourcify is the fastest growing sourcing platform backed by YCombinator that helps hundreds of companies manufacture products around the world. Our platform adds visualization, transparency, and trust to the manufacturing world, enabling companies to produce product more cost effectively and faster than ever.



Stock market research is bland and tedious so SparkFin has set out to change the industry. SparkFin allows users to quickly find the best stock ideas by providing professionally curated stock lists based on market themes, current trends, and popular topics reducing research from hours to a few seconds.



STATION is a powerful broadcasting platform based on local discovery. STATION shows you “What’s Going on Around You”. Users can share LIVE or recorded audio and video, pictures, and text, all linked to a specific location.



StemoniX is setting a new economic paradigm around stem cell technologies to meet the demands of drug discovery and personalized medicine.



StoryCloud is the leading provider of permission based publishing with real time analytics. Utilizing chat messaging and file sharing, the platform enables users and publishers to securely determine who sees their content, when, where, for how long and on any specific device. With thirteen patents pending, this innovative content control technology empowers the user audience to be candid and genuine with their communication in a way that does not exist in the current social network environment. Moreover for publishers, StoryCloud also provides its technology platform as a fully hosted service for corporations and organizations enabling them to migrate massive audiences back to their brand for extended lengths of time, dramatically reducing the customer cost per acquisition.


Sun Genomics

Using DNA analysis technology, Precision Probiotics empowers consumers to take the guess work out of benefiting from a probiotic. Simply order our kit, test your microbiome, and begin our precision probiotic formula. Our tailored probiotic targets your specific dysbiosis – when one’s gut microbes have shifted from helpful to harmful.



SweetLabs is an app install platform that helps developers reach millions of new users, while enabling device manufacturers to better monetize and differentiate their products. SweetLabs powers dynamic app delivery across Android and Windows devices, getting the right app to the right user on the right device.


Tourmaline Labs

Tourmaline Labs, Inc. provides location and behavior monitoring services to phone app developers, carriers and manufacturers in the US, Europe, and Asia.

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sdvg cool company 2018 trials logo is fixing the two root causes of failure in clinical trials: study design and execution by leveraging AI to improve protocol recommendations, automate study design, and optimize day-to-day execution.

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Triton Algae Innovations Ltd.

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Triton provides novel solutions for the world’s food shortages and has ushered the microalgae through the GRAS process. The miroalgae tastes great and is rich in plant proteins, omega oils and vitamin A. Triton has developed scalable, environment-friendly manufacturing processes, demonstrated benefits to gut health, and pioneered biotechnology tools to produce nutritional compounds for future good foods, including nutritious, delicious meat and dairy products from this microalgae.



TRUEPIC is an image & video authenticity platform. TRUEPIC’s patented technology acts as a notary for digital photos, driving confidence among consumers and businesses that a shared photo has not been altered in any way.


TruMed Systems

We have created the worlds first fully automated vaccine storage and handling system. Our system does a superior job maintaining proper temperature compared to traditional refrigerators. The system is cloud controlled and automates reporting and tracking that nurses do manually today.

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Trust & Will

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Trust & Will is modernizing the $170B estate planning industry with an easy, fast, and secure way to set up your trust and will online. In less than 20 minutes, you can complete your estate plan, and we then print and ship the documents to the customer to sign and notarize. Our vision is to establish Trust & Will as the category leader for a modern estate planning solution, and our mission is to help everyone leave their legacy.

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Truvian Sciences

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Truvian is working to empower consumers to manage, track, and own their personal health data. Using our technology, consumers can order a panel of tests, provide a small blood sample, and receive results in minutes directly on their smartphone. By making the testing convenient and affordable, Truvian will move from spot check diagnostic testing to baseline and trending health awareness.


Underground Elephant

As a creative technology company with a wildly creative team, “controlled chaos” is the mantra we live by. This ethos is the bedrock of our innovative spirit. It shows in how we collaborate, whether we are sharing new ideas at demo days, writing code for two-week sprints, hosting renowned community speakers, or throwing one-of- a-kind offsite parties. Our success is derived together, as a team. Underground Elephant's projected revenue for 2016 is expected to be over $100 million and our staff is expected to increase to over 100 employees.

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Uqora is a vaginal health company that has started by tackling urinary tract infections (UTIs). UTIs are the second most common infection in the U.S., responsible for more doctors visits per year than everything but the common cold. Despite the magnitude of the problem, the focus has long been on treatment instead of prevention. Uqora is out to change that with the preventive drink mix. With Uqora, women can flush out UTI-causing bacteria, stopping infections before they start.