Posiba is a “Bloomberg like” big data and analytics powered information service (SaaS) commercializing its services in the foundation and nonprofit sector. Posiba is the first mover in this surprisingly large $10 billion SAAS market. Foundations, Government entities, nonprofits and impact investors are adopting our solutions and Posiba is positioned as a utility infrastructure play with affordable and easily deployed services. Posiba also created givn (www.givn.social, now in App store, Android version is launching in August, 2015) which helps charities boost donations leveraging the social networks of their existing donors and enables donors to see their giving and influence through their network over time — all while allowing Posiba to gather high value individual giver information not available anywhere else today. The enterprise version of givn is being launched enabling employers to also publicly share their charitable activity and link to their employee’s further supporting customer and employee acquisition and retention.