Tim McIntire

Vice President


McIntire co-founded StackIQ, which was acquired by Teradata in July 2017.  He is currently Vice President of Shared Services at Teradata. He served in multiple roles at StackIQ, including CEO and Chairman of the Board where he raised $10-million in venture capital and grew the company from zero to 7-figure revenue.  StackIQ brought the cluster computing sector’s thriving open source community into the enterprise with the development of Stacki — a comprehensive software suite which automates the deployment and management of compute, storage, and network infrastructure.  McIntire’s previous work includes the North American launch of Scalable Systems (an Asia-Pac startup) and leading the development team at the Digital Image Analysis Lab at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. His research at Scripps, which was primarily funded as part of NASA’s Direct Broadcast program, has been published in various IEEE and Elsevier Journals on topics ranging from remote sensing using neural networks to parallel data processing using large scale clusters.